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Student Worksheet

Map Activity Procedure:

Readings and Discussion:

  1. "Radical Changes for Pakistan's Tribal Elders"
    • What evidence is provided that the tribesmen have had many victories against their enemies?
    • Who governs the area?
    • Briefly describe the climate and terrain of this area.
    • What are the principles of the tribal areas?
    • How did things change when Attaullah Mengal took over?
    • What solutions does he propose to the problems that exist in the tribal areas? How might solutions improve tribal life and unify the people?
    • What did you learn from Mohammed about young tribal men like him?
    • How does their outlook on life compare with those of the tribal elders like Mengal?
  2. "Pakistan: Islamabad Wrestles with its Own Neo-Taliban"
    • What is FATA and where is it located?
    • What independence does FATA have from the government?
    • What military changes were made in the FATA area?
    • How have the FATA fighters ("miscreants" and neo-Taliban) responded? Why do you think the Pakistani government calls the FATA fighters "miscreants"?
    • What has General Orakzai asked the tribal militias to do?
    • What suggestion has been made to improve the situation?
  3. What are the challenges to peace in the tribal areas of Waziristan?
  4. Compare solutions that were made in the two articles. Which do you think would work and why? What problems might arise from implementing these solutions? What additional solutions could be tried and why might these be better?