The Tank Man

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think the Tank Man blocked the path of the tanks, and why do you think the tanks stopped at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989?
  2. What are differences between the democratic government of the United States and the government of China?
  3. How has Chinese society changed over the last 30 years?
  4. Although the United States is one of China's largest trading partners, the government continues to express concerns about China's human rights abuses. How has China allegedly violated the human rights of its citizens? If possible, explain the positions of the Chinese and U.S. governments on the issue of human rights.
  5. Many people are hopeful that as China develops more economic reform and prepares to host the 2008 Olympics, they will address their human rights record. In your opinion, why will this affect or not affect human rights in China?
  6. China maintains censorship over its media. What challenges can the Internet pose to this control? What benefits will the Chinese people derive from more access to information through the Internet?
  7. How does China censor information on the Internet?
  8. Why do you think Internet companies like Google were motivated to create modified search engines for Internet users in China?
  9. Think about your and your family's Internet activities. What typical Internet use would the Chinese government find objectionable? Which sites would be blocked? Why?