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truth, war and consequences

» Student Handout:

Student Viewing Guide

As you watch the documentary, take notes on the following topics. They will appear throughout the program.

1. What problems did the United States anticipate in post-war Iraq? What problems did the U.S. not anticipate?

2. Which factors led to a leadership vacuum in the war's aftermath?

3. List four events that intensified the post-war animosity between the United States and Iraq.

4. What role did the Iraqi National Congress (INC), and in particular, Kanan Makiya and Ahmed Chalabi, play in removing Saddam Hussein from power?

5. What evidence did the United States have that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Who interprets this evidence and how did they make their decisions?

6. Describe the influence of Defense Department adviser Richard Perle. What was his role in making the case for war?

7. What evidence existed that there was a tie between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein? How was this expressed to the American public?

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