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is wal-mart good for america?


Discussion Questions

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  • Are Low Prices Always a Good Thing?
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  • Student Handout: Are Low Prices Always a Good Thing?

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  • Outsourcing and Campaign Promises
  • Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town

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    » Discussion Questions

    1. What did you know about Wal-Mart before viewing the documentary?
    2. Do you know anyone that works at Wal-Mart? If so, how would you characterize their experiences?
    3. What most surprised you about the film?
    4. Do you think the strategies that Wal-Mart is using are fair? Why or why not?
    5. What new kinds of jobs might be created as a result of outsourcing? What jobs might be eliminated?
    6. Who gains the most from Wal-Mart's price policies? Why?
    7. Has the documentary influenced how or where you will shop? Explain.
    8. Who has benefited from Wal-Mart? In what ways? Who has not benefited from Wal-Mart? In what ways?
    9. How should Wal-Mart balance the needs for worker benefits, low prices for consumers and high profits for shareholders?

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