• A Death in TehranA Death in TehranFRONTLINE investigating the life and death of the woman whose image remains a potent symbol for those who want to keep Iran's reform movement alive. (Nov. 2009)
  • Showdown With IranShowdown With IranFRONTLINE examines the turn of events since 9/11 that help explain why Iran sees itself as the Middle East's most important player. Includes rare interviews with hardliners shaping policy. (Oct. 2007)
  • Iran: The Stem Cell FatwaIran: The Stem Cell FatwaFRONTLINE/World explores the unusual pairing of religious devotion and medical science as Iran becomes a hub of world-class embryonic stem cell research. (June 2009)
  • Iran: Forbidden IranIran: Forbidden IranFRONTLINE/World reporter Jane Kokan secretly films shocking evidence of the torture and murder of students and journalists opposed to Iran's clerical regime. (Jan. 2004)
  • Iran: Going NuclearIran: Going NuclearBBC reporter Paul Kenyon travels deep into Iran to investigate charges that Iran is secretly developing a nuclear bomb. A FRONTLINE/World report. (May 2005)
  • Iran: Voices From the StreetIran: Voices From the StreetWhat do ordinary Iranians really think about Americans and the 2008 presidential election? A FRONTLINE/World report. (Aug. 2008)
  • iWitnessiWitnessPhotojournalist Iason Athanasiadis-Fowden talks to FRONTLINE/World about his arrest and interrogation after covering the 2009 elections and subsequent protests. (July 2009)
Press Roundup2013 | Tehran Bureau
2013 | Tehran Bureau

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Commentary2013 | A Rough Year for Iran
2013 | A Rough Year for Iran

Alireza Nader is a senior policy analyst at the RAND Corporation and a lecturer... (more »)

DispatchesDispatch | Yalda: The Evolution of an Iranian Tradition
Dispatch | Yalda: The Evolution of an Iranian Tradition

A winter festival that predates the Prophet becomes an occasion to reassert national identity.... (more »)

FeaturesHistory | On Iranians, Drinking Wine, and Cultural Stereotyping
History | On Iranians, Drinking Wine, and Cultural Stereotyping

Foreign fantasies of excess versus a tradition of moderation. [ idē ] From archaeological... (more »)

Art HousePassport | A Gulf, a Strait, and a Sea
Passport | A Gulf, a Strait, and a Sea

Images of Bandar-e Abbas, Chah Bahar, Hormuz, and Qeshm. Riccardo Zipoli was born in Prato,... (more »)

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