Ten Trillion and Counting

Press Reaction

Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

... More than half the program is devoted to cataloging the Bush administration's economic policies, which, as portrayed here, come across as appallingly reckless. ...

Though it may be accurate, it's an emphasis that is unfortunate for two reasons. One is that it leaves the smart-sounding commentators assembled here not much time to talk about what matters now: how we get out of the mire. The other is that it could cause anyone who still has any regard for Mr. Bush to tune out the program as just another exercise in Bush-bashing.

This is a program everyone needs to watch if the search for solutions is ever going to get beyond the simplistic, accusatory catchphrases that sometimes seem to pass for economic-policy debate in Washington. ...

[T]he program does a fine job of spelling out just what a daunting situation Mr. Obama has inherited: the federal government was already borrowing huge amounts, and now, as the only entity big enough to revive the gasping economy, it has to borrow more.

There is a succinct history lesson on how the Republican "starve the beast" economic philosophy -- if you keep taxes low, government spending will automatically be kept low for lack of money -- ran off the rails. And then, the program says, Mr. Bush took things a step further by cutting taxes while starting a war. ...

posted march 24, 2009

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