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what the press says about frontline

"It's hard not to be impressed, even a little awestruck, by the roll that FRONTLINE is on ... The PBS single-topic news-magazine, produced by WGBH in Boston, has been turning out one gripping piece after another, notable for apt and timely subject choices and for the first-rate execution of those good ideas."
     -Chicago Tribune

"FRONTLINE remains a shining beacon on a news landscape that seems to be wallowing in pop culture."
     -Rocky Mountain News

"PBS' weekly FRONTLINE offers more depth and focus than any regular newscast, thanks to its mandate to explore one theme or topic for 60 to 90 minutes and its immunity to commercial interruption."
     -The (Newark) Star-Ledger

"... Along comes FRONTLINE-measured and detailed and covering every base, mixing widely reported material ... with exclusive reporting-to put the big picture in perspective. So few TV organizations even attempt journalism anymore, it's a pleasure to see it so well done."
     -The Philadelphia Inquirer

"... television's gold standard for investigative journalism ..."
     -Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"The shame of American journalism is that FRONTLINE, with its limited resources, has been doing infinitely better, more thoughtful, more creative reporting on places like Afghanistan or Rwanda than the richest networks in the world. If it is a glory for FRONTLINE, it is a shame for those big networks and the men at the top of the corporate structure who run them."

"... the most chilling program on television ..."
     -The Columbus Dispatch

"FRONTLINE stands alone on television as a place inquiring minds can go for smart, tough documentaries that demystify hard news issues affecting the entire planet. It wears this mantle honorably on PBS."
     -Los Angeles Times

"... the most consistently important weekly hour on television, the crown jewel and standard-bearer for the mission of public television."
     -The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer

"If we all watched FRONTLINE, the world could be a better place. Since 1983, the program, one of the most distinguished in TV history, has been helping its viewers think-not telling them what to think."
     -The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Getting angry at television can be awful. ... But getting angry because TV informs you, stimulates you, teaches or alerts you is a whole other matter. That's the kind of television [FRONTLINE] producer Ofra Bikel makes-crucial, well-researched, astutely reported, real-life television about the injustices, inequities and inhumanity of our much-vaunted criminal justice system. ..."
     -Orange County Register

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