Clive Doyle

Clive Doyle, a native Australian who worked as a currency printer, became a Branch Davidian in 1964. Two years later he and others in his group were asked to come to Mt. Carmel. (As of November 1995, Clive Doyle was living in Waco, Texas.)
In 1984, Doyle and other Branch Davidians left Mt. Carmel during the power struggle between David Koresh and George Roden. Doyle returned in 1988.
After escaping the April 19, 1993 fire, Doyle was one of eleven Branch Davidians tried for murder and conspiracy. He and two other defendants were acquitted on all counts.
Doyle returned to Waco where he awaits the `resurrection' of David Koresh, as well as the return of his daughter Shari, who was 18 when she died in the fire. Shari was one of several women who called themselves wives of Koresh.
Clive Doyle is involved in the Mt. Carmel Survivors Memorial Fund which offers books, videos and David Koresh study tapes and songs.

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