I ask but one question, that addresses the "back to square-one" validity of this terrible American Tragety. As first reported, did the BATF have a Search Warrant at the time of their entry on the property? I do not think any American, especially news reporters, needs to think much past this basic issue.

It was reported, as I remember, that the Federal Judge in Waco "had not signed" the Warrant at the time of the attempted entry. The actions that followed by the Branch Davidian's, as I have been taught all my life, is "Self Defense." We do have a "Bill of Rights, 4th Amendment." The government at this point becomes the petrator.

How can the news organigations of this country not investigate and report such a tragic and important event? Where have your moral and ethical responibilties gone?

If the people of this country does not wake up soon, we will not have an America as we have known it in the past.

royal palm beach, florida


The most troubling aspect of Waco is the absence of credible probable cause for the intervention of law enforcement.

If the assertion that child molestation was taking place, it would not seem unreasonable to ask who was responsible for providing that information, and on what factual basis it was made. It seems to me that this question is fundamental to reconciling the actions of Koresh, the Justice Department and law enforcement.

Sadly, Senator Danforth has stated that this question will not be addressed in his forthcoming investigation. As long as it remains unanswered, the suspicions, anger, and fear will rage as hotly as the fire at Waco.

Gary Foss
salmon, idaho


Mr. van Zandt refers to public interest in the latest Waco revelations as "new kerosene being poured on the ashes of Waco"

Waco was not a conspiracy in the sense that occurs in organized crime. It was the instinctive reaction of a bureaucracy threatened with repercussions. The factual FBI report on Ruby Ridge was ignored by Reno and the perps were promoted. Why not do the same at Waco?

If Mr van Zandt persists in blaming the public for their distrust in a govt. that attacks and murders almost ninety citizens in their residence, then he is not worthy of being called a profiler.

george hall
lowndesboro, alabama


Good job!!! How stupid does this arrogant administration think we, the public are??!!! No military involvement??? Give me a break!! Who was driving the tanks and flying the military chopper? The FBI? BATF? I don't think so. There is no way the military would have entrusted that kind of equipment to those bumbling idiots. Unless, of course, they secretly got the orders from the "Clintonians" to do so...what a coverup!!!

baton rouge, la


Why has no-one ever mentioned the constant tear gasing that lasted for over 6hrs. This deposited a highly flameable coating on walls, furniture, clothing, and everything it came in contact with. Then the tank with the boom punched holes in the walls to insure plenty of oxygen for the fire to burn. The oily black smoke that every saw was the burning residue from the chemicals injected by the gov. Think about it, Walter.

Rev. Walter Bright
maysville, nc.


Slowly the truth is coming forward. The FBI has lied about many of their doings since its inception. Did you all totally believe their side of the story about Waco?

From its beginning there were too many cover ups. When you think you're above the law as the Justice Dept., and the FBI do you believe your god and everyone else is subject to you. Koresh might have believed he was god , but the FBI knows they are . Especially when they're convinced they are judge ,jury,and executioner.

Americans should be outraged by these new findings and demand not only justice but a complete investigation of the whole Justice dept,and FBI.

Robert Maraden
nuevo, ca


As an American citizen who is deeply concerned about the freedoms that the people of this country are losing more of each day,I find myself somewhat encouraged by the recent chain of events regarding the Waco massacre that was played out on our television screens six years ago.

Unfortunately, I am also keenly aware that whatever the outcome of all these "new" revelations are, I'm afraid that the American people in general will show little interest in this matter. Very few people in this country seem concerned about the enormous amount of corruption that is taking place on a daily basis in Washington these days. The general public seems unconcerned about high ranking government officials such as our current president committing multiple felonies whether it involves lying to a grand jury or being accused of rape. Not much gets anyones attention these days unless it has something to do with sports or Hollywood.

And I can only assume that the outcome of this latest investigation into what really happened inside that compound six years ago will hardly register as a blip on the conscience of the average American. "We get the government we deserve."

oak lawn, il


Why are we suprised that goverment officials would hide the truth,deny everthing, committ perjury? Their Commander in Chief, Bill Clinton the president hass been doing the same thing for the last 7 years. However the difference is people will lose their jobs and worse over this whereas little Billy's popularity just keeps going up---you people ask for it and you're getting it!

Mike Duggan
atlanta , ga


It is surprising that any evidence remains after so many years that the fox has guarded the hen house.

el paso, tx


One of the points that was not covered on this story on Waco was why the FBI had tanks and helocopter gun ships that they were using on civilians. These are military hardware and are illeagal to use against civilians under the Posse Comitatus Act (Title 18 US Code, PART I, Chapter 67, 1385, The Posse Comitatus Act) . You could also have given more coverage as to why the ATF did not attempt to arrest Koresh at some point when he was away from the compound.

Michael Nee
widefield, co


The best reporting I have ever seen was on your "Waco-- The Inside Story,". Mr. Boyer did an outstanding job. The three bradley tanks have been hidden by main stream media far too long. Waco is the biggest white wash in US history. We the people should know the truth. So these mistakes will hopefully never happen again. Thanks for being the only truth.

Steven Krammer
denver, co


Frontline has done it again. A very good informative program!

It is sad that the a few (maybe about 1%)of government personnel find that telling a lie to accomplish their end desire is always justified. This is certainly what happened at WACO and is now occuring at other places. Janet Reno was told a lie about the children being molested. Who is she covering for that told her that; knowing that would get her to approve their action plan.

Another lie the program did not explore was their use of tear gas. It was developed for use outdoors. It is toxic at 11000 milligram-minutes per cubic meter which can be achieved in enclosed spaces. I do not know of any human studies to determine its affects. Thus, the person at Aberdene, Maryland lied to her when he told her it would not harm the children.

We really need to have new legislative policy regarding telling lies in an offical capacity for the convenience of government.

sierra madre, ca


This report was pure fiction. It lends me reexamine and question the credibility of other Frontline reports. For example, the narrator mentioned that "the ATF was out gunned and the Koresh had a 50 Cal rifle". There was no evidence of the existence of a 50 Cal weapon. Further how do you consider ATF agents with MP5 to be outgunned... The ATF instigated Waco because it was losing its funding and wanted to prove its need to exist.. nothing more. Your report was nothing more than propaganda.

san franscisco, ca


I have no sympathies for david Koresh. However, I can certainly sympathise with the family members and children that he allowed to be consumed with him in his suidcidal stanoff. I feel that the law enforcment agencies involved were sincere in their efforts, but I personally feel entering the compound with tanks was a terrible, stupid mistake. As someone who was recruited into a fanatical cult in my teens (Before the Jones-TownIncident). I completely understand these peoples' mindset. What I do not understand, is why the law enforcementagencies untilize people who would have had personal experience with cults, and heeded their advise? I personally could have predicted this outcome with no hesitation.

I believe that the visability and emergence of cults will increase, and there must be a way to be better prepared.

atlanta, georgia


David Koresh was a religious fanatic who believed the attack on the compound was the prelude to the end of the world and their entrance into the Kingdom. The FBI never understood the mentality of those in the compound, and this failure, in fighting, and impatience resulted in the deaths of all those in the compound. But as far as Koresh being the child murder as some would contend, he along with his followers believed that the flames ushered them into the Kingdom. They would never know diffently. It was a sacrifice they were willing to make because they believed it. In their own minds they took their children into the Kingdom with them.

We are now engaged in a similar situation in Kosovo. It began with the failure to understand the Serb mentality when it comes to Kosovo. NATO has replaced the FBI, the innocent Kosovars have been the first sacrificial victims, refugees by ethnic cleansing, and the bombing. The Serbs must be next on the list, largely because of failed research, a solution pursued by violence, and now facing the failure of original objectives, the need to save the face of NATO. The world womb is now pregnant with the seeds of terrorism. "Blessed are the peacemakers."

Joe Greig
berrien springs, mi


Frontline's investigative report into Waco instigated more questions than it answered.

After seeing your report I began imagining that the FBI and the HRT are involved in a major coverup of what really happened at Waco. Is it possible that the HRT killed its own men on Feb.28? Also, Vince Foster was a Clinton advisor in this conflict, I wonder if his death (murder?) had anything to do with something he knew about Waco?

Are the autopsies performed on the Branch Davidians reliable? And why were the FBI so insistent on using such a violent and aggressive method to clearing up the conflict.

Using words like "stress intensifier techniques" tells me that J.Jamar was very willing and ready to use violent tactics to resolve an otherwise peaceful situation. It fulfills the truism that "he with a hammer thinks everthing a nail". And even if the Davidians did commit suicide, they were driven to it by a bunch of power crazed weapon weilding Federal agents, who were on global tv and weren't going to be outdone. The sheriff is the only one of the whole lot who seems to have his head together. He has huge amounts of regret and sorrow, though he caused no harm!!

I am shocked at the way this was handled by our government agents, and only wonder the harm our agents equipped with weapons of such power can do!!

Chris Kay
leominster, ma

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