Scot A. Campbell


Frederick Baker, Inc
Chicago, IL
Toured In
15, 19

With a lifelong interest in the fine arts, for the past 37 years Scot Campbell has focused on the graphic arts — prints and drawings. Having graduated with a BFA degree from Illinois State University in 1976, he moved to Chicago and entered the art market with a position at Geleries Maurice Sternberg, handling American and French Post-Impressionist paintings, drawings and prints.

He served over 10 years as director of R. S. Johnson Fine Art in Chicago, specializing in master prints of five centuries. For the next seven years, Mr. Campbell was head of the Fine Art department of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, as senior cataloguer and appraiser. At this time he appeared on "At the Auction" on the Home and Garden Network, one of the first television shows devoted to antiques and fine arts appraisals.

From 1995 to the present, Mr. Campbell has returned to the gallery business as director of Frederick Baker, Inc., of Chicago, handling European and American fine prints, drawings and paintings, where he has written numerous catalogues and organized exhibitions. He has given talks at the gallery and fine art fairs, has conducted research and authentication, and advised clients on connoisseurship, acquisitions and collection-building. He is currently writing a catalogue raisonné on the graphic work of French etcher Felix Buhot.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is an antiques appraisal event and television production; we do not buy or sell objects, and conducting any business with an appraiser at the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event is strictly forbidden.

If you decide to do business with an appraiser who has appeared on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, please keep in mind these tips before consigning or selling an item:

  • Get more than one referral and check references
  • Get valuations of your item from more than once source
  • Compare options between different types of sellers, i.e., a dealer versus an auction house
  • If you are considering consigning an object for auction, be sure to inquire how the item will be priced, the size of the fee, and the expected amount of time the process may take. Find out what will happen if it doesn't sell.
  • Check the appraiser's professional associations (such as International Society of Appraisers, American Appraisers Association, National Auctioneers Association)
  • Consult an attorney before signing a contract
  • Whatever kind of transaction you decide to enter into, always get a detailed written receipt for your records

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s pool of experts are professionals with a wide range of experience in the antiques, fine art and collectibles community, and they are from a diverse background of auctioneers, dealers and appraisers.

All ROADSHOW appraisers are independent volunteers who donate their time and expertise to PBS and who pay their own expenses to be on the show. All business transactions are independent from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.