Fall and winter are for binge-watching, so check out all our Best Moments and catch up on shows you may have missed from this year's Season 21 — stories from across America that'll make you laugh, make you cry, or just make you think. ... Which one's your favorite? Let us know in the Comments!

1. And yes, it is real!

Eric Silver appraises this Auguste Rodin "Eternal Spring" Bronze, ca. 1900, in Fort Worth, Hour 1.

2. For "Cheeseheads" everywhere.

Jasmani Francis appraises this Green Bay Packers Championship Group, ca. 1965, in Fort Worth Hour 2.

3. Think about this the next time you play poker!

Peter Schaffer appraises this English Woven Gold Snake Bracelet, ca. 1875, in Fort Worth Hour 3.

4. What $4 can buy at the thrift store.

David Rago appraises this Overbeck Vase, ca. 1920, in Indianapolis Hour 1.

5. "He had the whiskey, and she got the bottle!"

James Supp appraises this 1952 Joe Louis-signed Whiskey Bottle in Indianapolis Hour 2.

6. When your hunch pays off...

Dessa Goddard appraises these 17th-Century Japanese Handscroll Fragments in Indianapolis Hour 3.

7. Those were the days…

Tim Gordon appraises Carroll O'Connor's Archie Bunker Coat, ca. 1970, in Palm Springs Hour 1.

8. This is not an optical illusion.

Todd Weyman appraises this 1966 Roy Lichtenstein Screenprint in Palm Springs Hour 2.

9. We love this guest's reaction!

Arlie Sulka appraises this Fulvio Bianconi Venini Art Glass Vase, ca. 1951, in Palm Springs Hour 3.

10. What could make this red-hot Hot Wheels even hotter?

Grant Zahajko appraises this 1969 Hot Wheels "Beach Bomb" Prototype in Salt Lake City Hour 1.

11. After hearing this guest's story, now all old paintings are suspect!

Ken Farmer appraises this Folk Art American Sea Captain Portrait, ca. 1790, in Salt Lake City Hour 2.

12. We couldn't make this up if we tried...

Billye Harris appraises this 1884 Schmitt et Fils "000" Bebe Doll in Salt Lake City Hour 3.

13. Is the sum always greater than its parts?

Nicholas Lowry appraises these 1984 Artist-signed Limited Edition Olympic Posters in Virginia Beach Hour 1.

14. The family called it the WHAT painting?

Alisdair Nichol appraises these 1984 & 1987 Larry Poons Mixed Media Works in Virginia Beach Hour 2.

15. When sports meets international intrigue!

Leila Dunbar appraises these 1934 U.S. All-Star Team Baseball Signatures in Virginia Beach Hour 3.

16. "Holy moly…what a gift, huh?"

Kevin Zavian appraises this Tiffany & Co. Peridot & Diamond Necklace, ca. 1910, in Orlando Hour 1.

17. Peaches so good they're worth fighting for!

Jeff Shrader appraises a 1918 WWI peach can label letter during American Stories

18. One day in history...

Martin Gammon appraises these 1946 Einstein-signed Photo & Prints in Orlando Hour 3.

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