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All Choked Up

Does ROADSHOW sometimes bring a tear to your eye? ... Watch this compilation of sweet moments when guests — and some appraisers — get all choked up. (0:41)

Dad's Pride and Joy

Happy Father’s Day! We’re celebrating with this compilation of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW moments that made Dad proud. (0:39)

Lark Mason's Mysteries

You always learn something new when you watch longtime ROADSHOW expert Lark Mason’s appraisals — here's a quick cut of Mason’s Mysteries! (0:39)

Mother Knows Best

Happy Mother's Day, moms! (0:39)


These antiques have some notable nicknames.... (0:43)

No Kidding!

We'd never fool you — but watch some of our favorite shocked reactions in this new RoadShort! (0:45)

Leila's Best Lines

Watch sports-obsessed expert Leila Dunbar swing for the fences with some of her most memorable one-liners in this Antiques "RoadShort"! (0:37)

Nicho's "Checkered" Past

Check out the style evolution of one of our most outlandish poster boys, Nicho Lowry. (0:37)

Appraisers in Love

Whenever our appraisers and antiques are in the same room together, love is ALWAYS in the air! (0:39)

Noel's Favorite Toys

Our toys & games expert Noel Barrett has kept his childlike spirit since Season 1! Check out some of his favorite finds over the years. (0:37)

Our Favorite "Rafael-isms"

You just never know what'll come out of the mouth of Rafael Eledge. He's a true southern gentleman and one smooth Civil War specialist. We lovingly dub these memorable sayings “Rafael-isms.” ... What's your favorite? (0:37)


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