The holiday season is made for binge-watching, and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is a series the whole family can enjoy together! With that in mind, we compiled some of the Best Moments from this year’s Season 23 that entertain, inspire, and surprise—plus, you can stream every featured episode in its entirety. Did your favorite Season 23 appraisal make the list? Let us know in the comments!

1. When watching ANTIQUES ROADSHOW pays off!

Watch Christopher Lane's appraisal of a Willem Blaeu World Map, ca. 1640 in Rochester, Hour 1

2. "He's just something that I've always treasured, because he's different."

Watch Lark Mason's appraisal of a Kaneda Kenjiro Bronze Sculpture, ca. 1890, in Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 2

3. Dorm room décor or important pieces of US history?

Check out Nicholas Lowry's appraisal of Danny Lyon SNCC Civil Rights Posters, ca. 1962, from Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 3

4. See this doll's little secret!

In Ca' d'Zan Hour 1, Billye Harris appraises a Kammer & Reinhardt "Philip" Doll, ca. 1912

5. This tiny cup is filled to the brim with history!

Take a look at Kerry Shrives's appraisal of an Augsburg Silver Kiddush Cup, ca. 1654, in Ca' d'Zan, Hour 2.

6. "I didn't know he loved me that much!"

Check out David Rago's appraisal of a Zsolnay Peacock Vase, ca. 1905, from Ca' d'Zan Hour 3.

7. What's the mystery behind these famous pleats?

Watch Katy Kane's appraisal of a Fortuny Delphos Gown, ca. 1920, in Hotel del Coronado, Hour 1.

8. Discover new insight on old Hollywood…

Watch Laura Woolley's appraisal of a Joan Crawford Archive, ca. 1940, in Hotel del Coronado, Hour 2.

9. Learn about this landmark in gay and lesbian literature

Check out Catherine Williamson's appraisal of a 1929 Radclyffe Hall “The Well of Loneliness” Victory Edition, from Hotel del Coronado Hour 3.

10. "She was a woman before her time..."

In Philbrook Museum Hour 1, Bruce M. Shackelford appraises a Ruth Muskrat Bronson Archive, ca. 1923.

11. What a difference 15 years makes!

In Philbrook Museum Hour 2, David Weiss appraises a Charles Wilda "The Hour of Prayer" Oil, ca. 1885

12. Which would you rather have: the car or the guitar?

Watch Peter Shaw's appraisal of a 1964 Gibson ES 335 Guitar, in Philbrook Museum, Hour 3.

13. Time for this treasure to come out from under the bed

Take a look at John A. Delaney's appraisal of a Caldwell & Co. Clock & Barometer Set, ca. 1885, in Churchill Downs, Hour 1.

14. Skulls and hair and cherubs, oh my!

Take a look at Katherine Van Dell's appraisal of a Georgian & Victorian Mourning Jewelry Collection, in Churchill Downs, Hour 2.

15. Nothing Podunk about this appraisal

Check out Leila Dunbar's appraisal of a 1934 Signed Connie Mack Day Program & Tickets, from Churchill Downs Hour 3.

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