Meet the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW staff and check out a few of our favorite appraisals!

Wondering what to watch next? Get hand-selected recommendations from the people who know ANTIQUES ROADSHOW best: us! We asked everyone on the ROADSHOW staff for their favorite appraisal and collected the answers below. Watch now, then let us know in the comments if your go-to appraisal made the cut!

Appraisal: Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Book, ca. 1920

Working at ROADSHOW, I find myself constantly amazed at the things I never learned in school and this appraisal is a perfect example of that: how did I not know about Madam C.J. Walker before?! Plus, the owner has such a fun reaction—I actually spent some time with her while doing show promotion and she was as great as you’d expect.

— Hannah Auerbach, senior account executive, brand marketing & audience development

Watch Ken Sanders's appraisal of this Madam C.J. Walker beauty book, ca. 1928, in The Best of 20.

Appraisal: Auguste Rodin "Eternal Spring" Bronze, ca. 1900

"My absolute, all-time fave is the August Rodin sculpture, 'Eternal Spring.' It blows my mind that someone can envision such incredible detail and beauty from essentially a lump of nothingness. The love and passion reflected in it is simply breath-taking. I’m such a fan-girl that after filming I ran over to the appraisal table and had my picture taken with it!"

— Chris Larson, business & production manager

Eric Silver appraises this Auguste Rodin "Eternal Spring" Bronze, ca. 1900, in Fort Worth, Hour 1.

Appraisal: Ruth Muskrat Bronson Archive, ca. 1923

"One of the best parts of working on ROADSHOW is that I learn something new every day. Ruth Muskrat Bronson was someone I had not known anything about, and to listen to the guest talk about her great-great aunt with such admiration and pride, to learn about this incredible woman who fought for civil rights for Native Americans — well I was riveted from the beginning to the very end!"

— Sarah Elliott, producer

In Philbrook Museum Hour 1, Bruce M. Shackelford appraises a Ruth Muskrat Bronson Archive, ca. 1923.

Appraisal: Bullet-struck Civil War Sword and Letter

"Love appraiser Rafael Eledge's reaction when the guest asks if she should get the sword 'fixed!'"

— Adam Monahan, segment producer

Watch Raf Eledge appraise a Bullet-Struck Civil War Sword and Letter, from Miami Beach Hour 2!

Appraisal: 1943 Allen Ginsberg-signed Yearbook

One of my favorite things about ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is getting glimpses into the lives of notable people before they were famous and hearing personal stories from people who were close to them. Growing up I loved the writings of the Beat Generation, so getting to see this was very cool!

— Schuyler White, business manager

In Tucson, Hour 1, Jason Preston appraises a 1943 Allen Ginsberg-signed yearbook.

Appraisal: Roald Dahl Book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

"I particularly enjoy this appraisal firstly because of my own happy memories associated with the book, one of my favorites growing up and a firm favorite with my children, spending hours reading aloud, and secondly because of the guests inquisitiveness in finding out the elements that determine a first edition."

— Jo Sagar, event producer

In Spokane, Hour 1, Ken Sanders appraises a 1964 inscribed Roald Dahl book, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Appraisal: Lyonel Feininger Art Collection, ca. 1950

"One of the many beauties of ROADSHOW is its ability to give viewers an intimate look into peoples’ lives, and this appraisal exposes a poignant story of friendship amid urban isolation that sticks with me, especially in light of our current circumstances."

— Alyson Roseman, production coordinator

Watch Alasdair Nichol's appraisal of a Lyonel Feininger art collection, ca. 1950 in Vintage Providence.

Appraisal: 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Prototype

"My favorite appraisal to date was the Indiana Jones "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie prop. Being a huge fan of the Indiana Jones movies make this an easy pick. Felt great to carry that prop to the set the day of the recording. I felt a little like Indy that day!"

— Brian Beenders, post production director

"My favorite appraisal is the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Prototype. I watched the Indiana Jones movies so many times over the years and this was the ultimate collectible I never thought I’d see. So interesting to learn it was made from old trophies, picture frames and hot glue gun! Plus, when I opened it, my face didn’t melt so that was good."

— Jill Giles, line producer

Watch James Supp appraise a 1981 "Raiders of the Lost Ark" prototype, in Crocker Art Museum, Hour 2.

Appraisal: Eleanor Roosevelt Archive, ca. 1941

"I like historic documents, I like politics & world leaders, I like curious & unlikely connections -- this has it all."

— Luke Crafton, director of digital content

In ROADSHOW's special Politically Collect, Ian Ehling appraises an Eleanor Roosevelt Archive, ca. 1941.

Appraisal: 1918 World War I Peach Can Label Letter

"My perennial favorite, the Peach Can. You can imagine Eddie in the trenches, eating the peaches, filled with appreciation as he wrote home that those peaches 'are worth fighting for.'"

— Marsha Bemko, executive producer

Jeff Shrader appraises a 1918 WWI peach can label letter during American Stories

Appraisal: Folk Art Sea Captain Portrait, ca. 1790

"Because really, who doesn't love a good story of an old family painting haunted by a seafaring ancestor?"

— Demee Gambulos, director of brand marketing & audience development

Check out Ken Farmer's appraisal of a folk art American sea captain portrait, ca. 1790, in Salt Lake City Hour 2.

Appraisal: 1964 Frank Sinatra Letter

"I love when an item has a great story behind it, so the 1964 Frank Sinatra Letter is definitely my favorite appraisal. Not only are the contents of the letter fascinating, but it’s, overall, a wild story."

— Melanie Albanesi, associate digital producer

Take a look at Laura Woolley's appraisal of a 1964 Frank Sinatra Letter, in Philbrook Museum, Hour 3.

Appraisal: Benny Andrews Oil Painting, ca. 1962

"This painting makes me smile from ear to ear, the pop of yellow is irresistible. Nigel Freeman is great, I learned of a new artist, and the guest's shocked reaction is so genuine. (If I could own anything that has ever appeared on the show, it would be this because it makes me so happy)."

— Allison Mulvey, editor

Check out Nigel Freeman's appraisal of a Benny Andrews oil painting ca. 1962, in Newport, Part 2.

Appraisal: 1939 Harry Bertoia Silver Brooches

"The guest warms my heart every time I watch this appraisal probably because she reminds me of my Grammy Esther. Oh...and the brooches are magnificent examples of modern art!"

— Kelsey Bresnahan Sousa, editor/director

Take a look at Peter J. Shemonsky's appraisal of 1939 Harry Bertoia Silver Brooches in Meadow Brook Hall, Hour 2.

Appraisal: "1963 John F. Kennedy & Lyndon B. Johnson Signed Photographs"

"I have to go for the Cecil Stoughton Signed JFK photos. It epitomizes the connection that ANTIQUES ROADSHOW can make between us and history through objects and people. The photos are iconic. The photographer was there, at the making of history and we can see directly into the past through his lens and memories. It is a superb example of my personal ROADSHOW experience because I met Cecil and had a fascinating conversation with him about his life and experience. I got chills down my spine when I met him and still do when I watch it."

— Sam Farrell, senior producer

In Politically Collect, Part 1, photographer Cecil B. Stoughton shares his signed photos of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson with appraiser Francis Wahlgren.

Appraisal: Tiffany Studios Vases & Crate

"For me, the best ROADSHOW appraisals are full of surprises and this one does not disappoint! I'll never forget seeing this for the first time and being blown away by Arlie Sulka's incredible reveal. Such a special moment for her to appraise an item she had been hoping would pop-up over her 20 years at ROADSHOW."

— Allyson Izzo Smith, associate producer

Arlie Sulka appraises these Tiffany Studios vases & crate in Newport, Hour 1.

Appraisal: 1923 Frank Schoonover Oil Painting

"I have to mention the Schoonover from Winterthur… something about a grown man (besides me) crying… A great appraisal by Debra Force."

— Jeff Cronenberg, series editor/director

"My favorite appraisal so far has been the Schoonover Painting from Winterthur. It was such a heartwarming moment."

— Julia Rod, associate digital producer

Check out Debra J. Force's appraisal of a 1923 Frank Schoonover oil painting, in Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, Hour 1.

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