At the 2017 Antiques Roadshow in New Orleans, Arms & Militaria expert Jeff Shrader appraised this World War II-era flag — which he thought might have a dramatic connection to the fate of JFK's famed PT-109 — for as high as $1 million, if it could be authenticated. Here you can watch the appraisal that never aired, and see close-ups of the flag.

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Episode 1

In the debut episode of the DETOURS podcast — "The Hardest Fact I Ever Checked" — host Adam Monahan, a longtime producer for GBH's Antiques Roadshow, examines the mystery behind potentially one of the most valuable objects filmed by the series: A young man claims his great-grandfather possessed the flag from the ill-fated World War II torpedo patrol boat commanded by a young Lieutenant John F. Kennedy, PT-109.

But was this the actual flag flying onboard JFK's boat the night in August 1943 that PT-109 collided with a Japanese destroyer and exploded?

Said executive producer Marsha Bemko: "This is bigger than our show, this is a historic moment — if it turns out that the flag is right."

Watch the never-aired appraisal segment (above) that launched Monahan on the journey to uncover the mystery. With the help of a chemistry professor, a reporter, an author, and a museum curator, DETOURS sets out to determine the flag’s authenticity, and whether a national treasure has been discovered … or not.

"The story of the 'PT-109 flag' was the impetus behind creating a podcast based upon my fact-checking duties working for the TV series," says Monahan. “The opportunity to go far beyond what's normally needed to check an appraisal for television turned out to be an amazing ride and I hope the journey of discovery resonates with all who listen.”

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To hear the whole story, check out the premiere episode of the DETOURS podcast!

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