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Chef Carla Hall, author Marc Brown, Humorist John Hodgman, and musicians Rubén Blades and Luba Mason.

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Bonus Appraisal: Musicians Rubén Blades Luba Mason

Turns out Luba Mason loves a good flea market find! Don't miss this unaired paintings appraisal by Alasdair Nichol.

Bonus Interview: Humorist John Hodgman

Hear more from John Hodgman as he shares who his favorite Roadshow appraiser is and why he loves watching Antiques Roadshow!

Hidden Treasure: Musicians Rubén Blades Luba Mason

Want more from Rubén and Luba? Watch Alasdair Nichol's appraisal of a New York City landscape oil owned by the talented couple!

Bonus Interview: Musicians Rubén Blades and Luba Mason

What does musician Rubén Blades to in his spare time? Find out in this bonus interview clip!

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