ANTIQUES ROADSHOW was back on the road for Season 26 with binge-worthy episodes from a new set of cities! Watch these "Best Moments" — 15 hand-picked appraisals that feature our favorite laughs, tears and surprises from the 2022 season. ROADSHOW’s Season 26 Best Moments are available to watch individually, or you can stream every featured episode in its entirety. Did your favorite Season 26 appraisal make the list? Let us know in the comments!

1. This Chanel cuff is a real treasure!

Laura Woolley appraises a Helen Hayes's Verdura for Chanel cuff, ca. 1930 during Wadsworth Mansion, Hour 1.

2. Paul Newman + Corvette Stingray = Hot, Hot, Hot!

Leila Dunbar appraises a 1970 Paul Newman-signed Corvette Stingray during Wadsworth Mansion, Hour 2.

3. An "angelic" appraisal for a D'Angelico guitar

Larry Cavalieri appraises a 1953 John D'Angelico Excel Archtop guitar during Wadsworth Mansion, Hour 3.

4. Sibling rivalries resolved!

Jeff Cohen appraises a 1978 Rolex Daytona Cosmograph during Sands Point Preserve, Hour 1.

5. An artist of consequence, a story of accomplishment

Eric Hanks appraises a 1947 Löis Mailou Jones "Quartier St. Hilaire" during Sands Point Preserve, Hour 2.

6. Big bat, bigger value?

Grant Zahajko appraises an autographed Louisville Slugger baseball bat during Sands Point Preserve, Hour 3.

7. Good thing this Tiffany lamp didn't fly the coop!

Arlie Sulka appraises a Tiffany Studios inverted hanging shade, ca. 1901 during Omni Mount Washington Resort, Hour 1.

8. Two words: Biogenic. Silica.

Kevin Zavian appraises an opal, diamond & ruby butterfly brooch, ca. 1980 during Omni Mount Washington Resort, Hour 2.

9. This intricate cane is good better best!

Allan Katz appraises a carved folk art cane, ca. 1890 during Omni Mount Washington Resort, Hour 3.

10. Remember to check under your bed for treasures!

Richard Cervantes appraises a Chinese imperial celadon charger, ca. 1730 during Grounds For Sculpture, Hour 1.

11. "The real value is in how it can be used to teach the future generations"

Ken Gloss appraises a Holocaust survivor's archive, ca. 1942 during Grounds For Sculpture, Hour 2.

12. Watch this emotional reaction to artistry found in an attic

Ted Trotta appraises a Penobscot carved root club, ca. 1890 during Grounds For Sculpture, Hour 3.

13. Pretty gnarly if we say so ourselves!

Travis Landry appraises a Bahne Skateboard, ca. 1975 during Colonial Williamsburg, Hour 1.

14. Extreme Makeover: Victorian Dollhouse Edition

Michael Bertoia appraises a Gottschalk Dollhouse, ca. 1885 during Colonial Williamsburg, Hour 2.

15. "Not bad for something rescued from the trash!"

Nan Chisholm appraises a John Rae Oil with Paper Collage, ca. 1915 during Colonial Williamsburg, Hour 3.

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