Rx for Survival — A Global Health Challenge

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Rx for Survival Homepage

Girl in refugee camp in Dafur, Chad.
© Scott Nelson/Getty Images
City lights in Tokyo, Japan.
© Justin Guariglia/NGS/Getty Images

About the Project

Women and Children sitting together, Nepal.
© 2003 Global Health Council/Mary Taylor

Episode Descriptions

Program 1: Young mother receiving injection, Afghanistan.
© Save the Children/Richard Lord
Program 2: Child receiving vitamin treatment, Uganda.
© Save the Children/Rick D'Elia
Program 3: Nurse weighing newborn child, Vietnam.
© Save the Children/Michael Bisceglie
Program 4 : Young girl drinking from faucet, Philippines.
© Save the Children/Michael Bisceglie
Program 5: Mosquito.
© WGBH Educational Foundation, Vulcan Productions, and Andrew Young
Program 6: Child being fed by worker, Egypt.
© Save the Children/Michael Bisceglie

Dispatches from the Field

Dispatch: Polio Warrior
Image of Mike Beckham
© Mike Beckham
Dr. Heymann and a local doctor examining a young polio victim.
© Circus Productions
Dispatch: Something Truly Ambitious
Image of of Sara Holt
© Holt Productions
Image of TB patients in hospital in Carabayllo, Peru.
© Holt Productions
Dispatch: Like a Pebble Dropped in a Pond
Image of Gail Willlumsen
© 2005 Gail Willumsen
Producer Gail Willumsen visiting with African children.
© 2005 Mark Knobil/FILM/TAPE
Dispatch: A Simple Solution
Image of John Rohde
© Management Sciences for Health
Mother and child, Bangledesh.
© Management Sciences for Health
Dispatch: Champion for Child Survival
Image of Dr. Houleymata Diarra
© Save the Children/field staff
A nurse examining a one-day-old baby in Bougouni, Mali.
© Save the Children/Michael Bisceglie
Dispatch: Making a Lasting Difference
Image of Robyn Munford
© Robyn Munford
Image of boy outside a pit latrine, Nepal.
© Robyn Munford
Dispatch: Changing Minds, Changing Lives
Image of Malaika Wright
© Care
Image of Angela and her children, Nicaragua
© Care
Dispatch: True Health Warriors
Image of Amy Finnegan
© World Education
Image of Dr. Barbara Nattabi
© St. Mary's Lacor Hospital
Dispatch: Doing our Best, Saving as Many Lives as Possible
Image of Michael Bociurkiw
© Michael Bociurkiw
Image of a young girl looking after her infant sister near the earthquake-ravaged town of Balakot, Pakistan.
© 2005 UNICEF Pakistan/Bociurkiw

Rx for Child Survival Homepage

Boy holding a young child, Zimbabwe.
© Ian Murphy/Getty Images

Donate and Donate — Explore Other Opportunities

Hindu and Muslim children playing together, India.
© 2003 Global Health Council/Annmarie Christensen

Give Time

Two young boys riding a toy horse, Myanmar.
© Save the Children/Michael Bisceglie