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What is The Truth About Cancer Video Podcast?
The Truth About Cancer video podcast is an eight-part video series. It is a continuation of the discussions begun in TAKE ONE STEP: A Conversation About Cancer with Linda Ellerbee. Each episode is two to five minutes long. Participating in the podcast discussions are U.S. News and World Report health editor Dr. Bernadine Healy; breast cancer surgeon and Breast Cancer Research stamp mastermind Dr. Ernie Bodai; neurologist and leading palliative care expert Dr. Richard Payne; and counseling psychologist Dr. Paul Brenner. All panel participants are cancer survivors.

What is a Podcast?
Podcast combines the terms iPod and broadcast to describe a series of files that download to your computer and are playable on the computer and a portable media player (like an iPod). A video podcast can also be known as a vodcast or vidcast.

You can watch a video podcast on your computer, if you have the latest version of your Internet browser (ex: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari). To watch video podcasts on a portable media player, you must download free podcasting software and then subscribe to a feed. Once you subscribe, your computer will notify you or automatically download video files every time a new video podcast episode is available.

Do I Need an iPod?
No. You do not need an iPod or other portable media player to watch or subscribe to video podcasts. You can watch video podcasts from your computer, using the latest version of your Internet browser. To subscribe to a video podcast series you need software that can automatically manage the subscription process, automatically manage the periodic downloading of episodes, and transfer the episodes to your portable media device.

Do I Have to Pay for a Video Podcast?
While most podcasts are free, some are not. This podcast is completely free.

How Do I Subscribe to The Truth About Cancer Video Podcast?
To subscribe to this video podcast series, follow the instructions for your operating system, Internet browser, and/or podcasting software.

Where Can I Get Free Podcasting Software?
You can download any of these software programs for free:

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