Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America
Take One Step: A PBS Health Campaign
Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America + Take One Step for a Healthy Heart with Larry King  

Resources for a Healthy Heart

To help you TAKE ONE STEP to better heart health, several types of resources are provided here in conjunction with the broadcast of The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America.

Print Resources

Downloadable documents to help you master the facts about cardiovascular disease and spread the word in your community.

Heart Disease Event Guide
Event Guide (PDF, 1.5M)
Panel discussions to cooking demonstrations to family-friendly exercise sessions, this is a practical guide to creating a heart-healthy event or series of events in your community.

Four Information Handouts
This is a set of attractive, one-page handouts about heart disease to print out and distribute.

Heart Disease: 10 Easy Steps to a Healthy Heart from Reader's Digest Magazine
10 Easy Steps (PDF, 145k)
Do even just the first seven tips, and you'll reduce your chance of having a heart attack compared to a typical person your age by as much as 90 percent!

Heart-Healthy Recipes
Recipes (PDF, 1M)
This is a handy compendium of delicious recipes from the PBS show Real Simple and the Real Simple magazine, from famed chef Ming Tsai, and from some favorite PBS kids' shows.

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Online Resources

Recommended Web Sites
This annotated list of recommended Web sites includes sites from major heart-health organizations, from our Take One Step campaign partners, and some from PBS for both adults and kids.

Partners and Affiliates
Learn about partners and affiliates for this program and PBS' 2007 Take One Step Health Campaign.

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Related Features

Watch Online
Watch the complete 90-minute film on the Web, plus the 30 minute follow-on discussion moderated by Larry King of CNN—himself a heart attack survivor, and founder of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation.

Meet the Producer
Elizabeth Arledge, the writer/director/producer of the film shares her ideas and insights about heart disease and the making of the film.

Audio Podcast
Subscribe to a Take One Step podcast series that includes Ten Easy Steps to a Healthier Heart, a series of conversations with Michael F. Roizen, M.D., author of the best selling books, You: The Owner's Manual, and the The RealAge Makeover, and Julie Baynes, health editor of Reader's Digest magazine. Also included: a bonus podcast in which Dr. Roizen interviews Larry King of CNN's Larry King Live and the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. During the discussion Mr. King describes his own harrowing escape from a near-fatal heart attack, and the changes it brought about in his own habits of living.

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