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1. Pay attention to the way you respond to your child's accomplishments. What can you say that emphasizes her effort and how she feels about what she has done?

2. Try to ask your child's opinion as often as possible. Note how he responds and be sure to listen and value his response.

3. Think of a cooking or baking project for your family to do together. Ask your children to work together to assemble the ingredients, measure the amounts, clean up and serve the food you prepared. Be sure to give your children choices about what you make and allow them to do as much of the work as possible. Give them specific praise and encouragement while guiding them through the stages and skills necessary to complete this project.

4. Think of a clean-up project around your home or yard and make it a family project. Let your children make decisions about what they would like to contribute to the effort and their plans for the area. Encourage cooperative activity. For example, let two people use a broom and a dust pan or ask one person to dig with a shovel while another plants seeds or flowers. Be sure to emphasize the satisfaction of accomplishing something together.

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