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Building Inner Controls:
abc's of child development
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Observational activity
Go to a park, mall or grocery store and observe parents with young children. Note any situations in which a parent tried to get a child to do something he or she was supposed to do, even though the child didn't want to.

How did the parent appear to feel about each situation? Did they seem to feel Anxious? Nervous? Angry? Determined? Grim? Irritated? Were they able to bring the matter to a successful conclusion? How did the youngster appear to feel about them afterward? If the parent was unable to deal with the problem, what happened then? Did the parent allow the child to run off? Did they give in and let the child do as he or she wished?

Activities for the classroom
A new child has joined your class whose family has just moved from another country. The family has made it clear to you that they believe in using physical punishment when their child misbehaves and suggests that you do the same. As a teacher in this situation, how would you respond to this family? How can you manage to welcome this family to the school and respect their culture and philosophies while practicing your own approach to teaching children about self-control and self-discipline?

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