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Encourage children to make their own choices and be as independent as possible. Whenever it is reasonable and possible, we should try to focus our energies on providing experiences for children where they are the ones in control.

Provide many different ways for children to experience success. The more we can provide children with different experiences and types of activities, the more opportunities they have for achieving competence and feeling good about themselves.

Most children like to be challenged and they feel proud of themselves when they finally accomplish a difficult task. One of the skills in teaching children is figuring out how much we can challenge them without causing too much frustration. Also, we need to remember that in developing new skills, children need lots of opportunities to practice and try things out over and over again.

Emphasize the value of providing a diverse range of skills for both girls and boys. The more competencies we can encourage in children, the greater their sense of self-worth will be. This holds true for both boys and girls. Let's avoid reinforcing stereotypical ideas of what is appropriate play. We need to pay careful attention to allowing and encouraging equal access to activities and skills for all the children in our care.

Encourage many creative activities. Creative activities where children can explore the process of creation as well as the expression of their ideas and feelings, are wonderful ways to boost self-esteem.

Pay attention to children's competence in dealing with other people. Let's offer children as many opportunities as possible for interacting and playing with other children and help them to figure out strategies for getting along with them.

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