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As caregivers, we play such an important role in helping our children learn to be fluent-to communicate with others, and, eventually, to read and write. But how do we do that? How can we help the children in our care develop their ability to talk, think and express their ideas to the fullest? And not only that. How do we encourage them to listen to other people?

[Placida Frierson, Wayne State University] "I think it's a really wonderful way to help children express what they know in terms of experiences. If they go to the grocery store - then if we set up a grocery store for dramatic play, it helps them role play and I think it helps them to become aware more as they are able to act it out what they've experienced. They were aware of it, but not really cognizant. But when they get into the role play themselves, they have a greater picture of that experience. And it helps their language; I think it helps their interactions with other children. You have to learn how to negotiate, you have to verbally as well as in your actions. And you have to be a creative person in that sense if you are going to be able to work with others and communicate with others, and I think it's just a valuable experience for them."

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