Wild Indonesia filming Indonesia


KangarooDestined for Indonesia
By Andrew Jackson

Going Wild
"Wild Indonesia" was in some ways an extension of the new methods we had tried to introduce with "In The Wild," but this time, applied to a more traditional program. Here was a place with an incredible diversity of animals - the only country to house both tigers and kangaroos - and the story of how it became that way is the story of Wild Indonesia. More



BirdReflections on Filming "Wild Indonesia"
By Laura Humphreys

The Hardest Challenge
When it came to filming "Wild Indonesia," the hardest challenge was deciding exactly what to include. With 17,000 islands that support over 2,000 species of birds and mammals, more living forms than in the whole continent of Africa, we were spoiled for choice. Indonesia is full of the unique and bizarre, from the world's largest flower to kangaroos that live in trees. More

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