David Urban on the Mueller Report

President Trump was quick to claim total victory after Attorney General Barr’s press conference today, tweeting “Game Over.” David Urban is a stalwart ally of President Trump, having served as a strategist on his 2016 campaign, and now working on his 2020 advisory committee. He joins the program from Washington to give the administration’s perspective on the report.

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DAVID URBAN, ADVISER, TRUMP 2020 CAMPAIGN: As you point out, it’s de rigueur, and it’s a matter, of course, that you are, as a target of this investigation, you get to see it before its released. I don’t believe there were many others who were targets of the investigation. I believe the people who are mentioned and I don’t know — you know, I can’t offer an opinion on that, Christiane, because I’m not sure if they submitted a request or what the actual status was. But if they were not — if they did request and were not granted a similar opportunity, I would say that would be unfair.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: OK. One last question before I let you go, because you’re so close to the president, you’re on his 2020 advisory committee and you have a great stake in his success. Do you believe that this is over now? You heard John Avalon say there’s going to be —



URBAN: No, it is not. Listen, Christiane, it will not be over. You will see that the Democrats, they’re going to have hearings. And listen, it is their right to have oversights and the American people need to fleshed out. Look, I encourage everyone to go read the report. Look at it on the website and pull it down and read it. Americans should feel confident that their president did nothing wrong and the special counsel, after two years of investigation, very thorough, determined the same thing. The Congress will have — they’ll have oversight. It’s their right, it’s the American people’s right to continue to hear about this. But at the end of the day, you know, this is over. It is over.

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Christiane Amanpour speaks with John Avlon, David Urban and Sean Wilentz about the Mueller report. Walter Isaacson speaks with Sal Khan about Khan Academy.