Henry Winkler Talks “Happy Days” and “Barry”

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CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: And finally, tell me about what makes you happy, what makes you feel satisfied or proud, certainly in your work. We’ve talked about your legacy here with — in the social sphere. But what about with your work?

HENRY WINKLER, ACTOR, “BARRY”: OK. So, that, I’m still doing my work. You know, I got the Fonz at 27. And I got Gene Cousineau at 72. Now, they just flipped the numbers. That’s pretty amazing, that I’m still here and there are men my age who are waiting by the phone or have already put the phone in their closet. But I am so proud of my children, my son. If the project does come together, he’s going to direct me for HBO. My son. And then, my grandchildren, who have taught me how to TikTok. My granddaughter who is 12, India (ph), said, papa, you need a TikTok. And now, I’ve done my newest TikTok with my six-month old granddaughter. I sang her and I wrote and composed it “The Apple Song.”

AMANPOUR: I don’t suppose you could do it right now?

WINKLER: Apples are red and apples are green. And some are yellow. Now, she’s in England with her mom because her mom is doing a movie. But when I do that on Facetime, we are connected. She recognizes me and her song, and I cannot wait for the moment when she sings it with me.

AMANPOUR: Fantastic. Henry Winkler, thank you so much. The star of “Barry.” Thanks a lot.

WINKLER: I am so happy to talk to you this way.

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The Russia-Ukraine War puts pressure on some of the newer democratic countries in the region — notably Montenegro. A first-hand look at Rwanda’s preparations for the Ukrainian refugees’ arrival. “Happy Days” star Henry Winkler is still winning awards for his inimitable work — most recently in the pitch-dark HBO comedy “Barry.” Nicole Hemmer discusses the significance of the Jan. 6 hearings.