Israel’s Fragile New Government

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TZIPI LIVNI, FORMER ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTER: Well, the issue that was not on the table in the last four rounds of elections was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, unfortunately. And it is also true that, when it comes to this government, it’s a huge gap between different positions within the government, from those believing in two states for two peoples to those believing in annexation. So, looking at the upside is that nobody can lead to annexation. But, on the other side — and this is the downside — I — it would be quite problematic or very difficult to move forward toward the two sides’ vision, something that I believe represent the interests of Israel. But, maybe, maybe, maybe this time, instead of a blame game amongst different parts of Israel politics, people who are politicians or members of this government would try to listen to each other and, hopefully, will reach an understanding also about this issue. So, the good news is that we are having a new government. I agree that the idea of two states for two peoples, it’s not part of the guidelines of this government. More than that, the prime minister, Mr. Bennett, expressed his vision of annexation in the past. But, for now, the idea — or they are trying to work together without touching this sensitive issue, for better, for worse.

CHRISTAINE AMANPOUR: And, again, you have written a lot about it. And I was really struck by the honesty with which you address this issue, because, as you say, you might not want to touch it politically. But we just saw a four-week war over the very issues, and one that divided different communities inside Israel for the first time and brought the conflict inside Israel between Arabs and Jews. And I’m wondering what you think this new government needs — what kind of relationship does it need to develop with the current American administration? Because, of course, Trump, as you say, practically gave everything to Netanyahu. And, as you say, had it all been enacted, including the annexation, there would be no two-state solution. And we’ve seen the result and the dangers of a one-state situation.

LIVNI: Well, I believe that the relations with the new administration in the United States or the tone will be changed.

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