Rep. Speier on Roe v. Wade: “I Don’t Want You in My Uterus”

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CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: What would you say to those on the other side who have a deep moral aversion to this issue and will take it to the end of their political ability?

REP. JACKIE SPEIER (D-CA): You know, it’s all about personal freedoms. It’s all about personal liberties. And these are the same colleagues who are offended that they have to wear a mask, that that is violating their personal freedom and personal liberties. I would say to them, you don’t want to wear a mask. I don’t want you in my uterus. And so I think that my personal experience, even when I think about it today, I get — I get — I’m sad. I’m sad that I was not able to bring that baby into the world. But it’s so personal, and it should be done in conjunction with one’s medical support and one’s family. And for government to somehow now put its hand on the scale and become so invasive into something so very personal is really destructive. It’s inhumane. And I think that is going to be felt by the voters in November as well.

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For CA Rep. Jackie Speier, abortion is a lived experienced. In 2011, she became the first member of Congress to share her abortion story on the House floor. Karen Brooks Hopkins is the president emerita of Brooklyn Academy of Music, and explains how BAM became a global performing arts powerhouse in her new memoir. The likely demise of Roe v. Wade has galvanized America’s evangelicals.