Sen. Amy Klobuchar Talks the G7 Summit

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SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN): Number one is to shore up our relations with the G7, with our allies. We know the ups and downs of the Trump era and the drama, needless drama so many times, especially when we were in the middle of the pandemic. Number two, the pandemic and getting through this, looking at what’s happening in India, looking what’s happening around the world, and joining forces to try to help the entire world get through this. Number three would be what you have referred to, is these players like Russia, who have forever sowed discontent not just in America, but also in the European nations and across the world, to really take this on in a unified way, and show that we mean what we say. And when you look at disinformation, you look at not just the hacking into the U.S. elections and that attempted hacking into it and everything that came out of that back in 2016, improvements made in 2020, we know, in protecting our elections, but still attempts made all the time, and you look at what just happened with Solar Sky (sic). So, that is going to be a major topic. And I have always believed you just can’t take it on with the U.S. alone. You have to do it with our allies.

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Amy Klobuchar; Rana Ayyub; Amanda Bennett; Malcolm Gladwell