Seven Lviv Civilians Killed in Russian Missile Attack

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CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: We’re very, very sorry to hear about the civilians who have been killed and injured in Lviv this morning. Can you tell us the very latest?

ANDRIY MOSKALENKO, LVIV, UKRAINE, DEPUTY MAYOR: So, unfortunately, this morning was very sad for our city, because several missiles from Russia were attacked. From first site, it was big car service. And from another site, it was storage. Unfortunately, seven people were killed, people who this morning had some plans, who come to work. And we have 11 people who are right now in hospital, two of them in critical condition, also in hospital, one children. And so it means against that Russia fight against civilians. They fight against children ,against women, against civilians, because it’s like civil objects, it was completely destroyed, more than approximately 40 cars. Several buildings where was this one of the biggest car services in our city. And, also, a big hotel which was close to that car service also was badly destroyed. And several residential buildings from another side…


MOSKALENKO: … and also one school, also, broken windows.

AMANPOUR: Mr. Moskalenko, we said military infrastructure is being targeted. And we understand the railway was a target. Is that correct? Apart from the repair shop and the other civilian infrastructure you talk about, what you think they were aiming at as well?

MOSKALENKO: It’s quite complicated to say what’s real aim, because we see that, in other cities of Ukraine, or how we see in Bucha, they killed civilians. And so it wasn’t army, it wasn’t military. The same story was in our city. So they targeted two civilian objects. And so it’s also big question that, for them, it doesn’t matter for whom fight. They — if they can’t win the war, they start to use missiles. They start to destroy simply. And so it’s one more sign also for the whole world in order to understand what Russia is really.

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