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Profiles from the Recession: [BLOG] The Park Project

For millions of city dwelling Americans a backyard is an unknown luxury, a balcony is a rare commodity and lounging in the great outdoors is almost exclusively a public activity. It’s no wonder that parks, particularly in urban centers, are seeing a renaissance in interest and investment.

Sep 16th, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [BLOG] Hard Times Then, Hard Times Now

Much has been made of the current recession experience as a time that rivals only the Great Depression. Already, we live in "The Great Recession." And after a stimulus in 2009 as an answer to the struggling economy, another stimulus is in the works.

Sep 15th, 2010

3-D pedestrian hologram exposed

In this week's news of, 'That sounds crazy... are you sure that's a good idea, Canada? What the hell, do it anyways,' CTV reports, "A 3-D image of a young girl chasing a ball into the street is the newest effort to prevent pedestrian accidents in West Vancouver."

Sep 14th, 2010

Blueprint Denver: Not just for Europeans anymore

You can “Take the ‘A’ train” in New York City, but in Denver, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Des Moines and a handful of other communities, you can hop on the ‘B’… for bicycle.

Sep 13th, 2010

The No. 13 Line
WWID or What Would Ike Do?

From the desk of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, or at least what Sam Schwartz & Co. think the father of the Interstate Highway System would say about transportation today.

Aug 12th, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [VIDEO] Dangerous Crossing: A new suburbia as economy changes

In recent years a little noticed shift has been transforming suburbia: the home of the middle class has become the home of the working poor. As a result, roadways that were built for the car are now used by a growing population that can't afford to drive. The consequences can be deadly. Blueprint America on Need to Know from suburban Atlanta where getting to the other side of the road is nothing to take for granted.

Jul 22nd, 2010

America in Gridlock: [REPORT] ‘Disappearmarks,’ or what ever happened to that $6 billion for transportation?

Remember your old friend, The Bill? That lovable Schoolhouse Rocks' character? Well... He's gone missing. And the ransom: $6.5 billion... Or he gets it. Maybe that's a little extreme. But, the Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit government watchdog, reported this week that there was "$6.5 billion worth of unspent earmarks from the most recent transportation funding bill" passed in 2005. The group is calling the unspent money, "Disappearmarks."

Jul 21st, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [VIDEO] Redfields to Greenfields

Many commercial real estate loans across the country will mature soon, and community banks will feel the strain if property owners can’t pay. Georgia Tech Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones, author of Retrofitting Suburbia, explains the benefits of turning properties in the red, green.

Jul 20th, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [VIDEO] Elizabeth Warren: The next real estate crisis

Alison Stewart sits down with Elizabeth Warren, attorney, Harvard Law professor and chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel, in a Blueprint America special report about the potential of a national commercial real estate foreclosure crisis.

Jul 16th, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [VIDEO] Dubuque Smart City: With stimulus, putting the small town back to work

An old factory town in Iowa eyes 'green' future, improved livability -- making good on the President's stimulus plan one year later.

Jun 18th, 2010

Profiles from the Recession: [VIDEO] Dubuque Smart City: The green gamble

The residents of Dubuque, Iowa, have signed onto a unique experiment to revitalize their city though a focus on sustainability. Local historian and museum director Jerry Enzler shares a little bit of the background -- where Dubuque came from -- and how and why this focus on sustainability is important for his city’s future.

Jun 17th, 2010

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