Why do some people make it, while others don’t? How do the facts of our lives differ from our perception of it? And how does our psychology shape how we view ourselves and others?

Attribution, a podcast from The Moving Up Media Lab, asks people from all walks of life to reflect on who and what has contributed to where they ended up. Each episode encourages viewers to feel a little more inspired, grateful, or supported than when you first hit play.


Bob McKinnon
Bob McKinnon

Bob McKinnon is the host of “Attribution” as well as a writer, designer, and teacher who asks us to reconsider the way we see success and the American Dream.

His work has been featured in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Fast Company, NPR, and PBS.

His own journey out of poverty was captured in his TEDx talk: How Did I End Up Here. Through his writing and this podcast, he hopes to pay tribute and thanks to all those who have helped him and others move up in life.


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