The Power of a Pardon | Filmmakers’ Bios

Jamila Paksima | Filmmaker (she/her) 

Jamila Paksima is an acclaimed Iranian American documentary producer and director. She has crafted films for PBS, BBC, Independent Lens, MSNBC, THIRTEEN, VIACOM, BET and others. Paksima directed and was the showrunner for the 8-hour primetime presidential political campaign series 16 for ’16: The Contenders on PBS. She has produced several multiplatform series for The WNET Group, including Getting off the Streets and several short films on climate change solutions for Peril and Promise. She is also the host of the audio documentary podcast series Sounds Like Hate, which is currently in its third production season. Until 20, her 2015 independent feature documentary, has won numerous awards for best producer and director, as well as film festival audience awards. She is the executive producer of Paksima Productions, an independent film and branded content production company. 

Ian Mosley-Duffy | Director of Photography (he/him) 

Ian Mosley-Duffy grew up in Southern New Jersey, a son of two multilingual high school teachers. From a young age he travelled the world, living abroad for months at a time. He began skateboarding in his teens and made several skateboard videos with his friends. This learning process gave him a foundation to pursue a career in film. He has worked in many areas of the film industry, understanding the importance of crew positions including grip, best boy, gaffer, clapper/loader, and 1st AC. His commitment to film has brought him to work on projects across the United States, Mexico, and Europe. 

Kathryn Cates | Editor (she/her) 

Kathryn Cates is a film and video editor working in Philadelphia and elsewhere on everything from verité documentaries to hedge-fund dramas.