GOODTalks Bios: Production Team

Nathan Kigenyi is a multimedia producer who specializes in photo, video and audio production. He is the Founder and Chief Creative at Capture Create Media – a company that offers production resources for new and established brands. Capture Create Media’s suite of resources includes: PodTv Studios for content creation, PodTv Network for content distribution and PodTv Digital for communications and brand positioning strategies. Nathan is recognized for his innovative approaches to creating new and engaging content for audiences of all ages.


Ritza Yana is a bilingual marketing strategist with several years of experience in corporate communications, public relations and event management. As chief content producer and communications strategist for Capture Create Media, Ritza develops quality content for partner brands and works with clients to design digital marketing experiences. Ritza is recognized for creating and executing unique campaigns that effectively communicates the message, builds the image, and motivates desired results in specific markets.