The Scene of the Incident

Law enforcement officials describe the strange scene in which Linda Bishop’s body was found and the discovery of her notebooks.

AIRED: 10/15/2018 | 00:01:29
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The scene was strange, it was a strange scene...More like something that you would see at the police academy of a staged incident.

The room was bare, there was a body in the room, there was a chair, a cup, an ice scraper, and blankets, a pillow, and two notebooks.

The body was in the living room with the legs over a heat register on the floor.

Who is she at that point nobody has any clue.

So I just start walking around, just poking my nose into things and just seeing what I can find.

Most of the house was empty.

You know, obviously, the house had not been occupied for a while.

While my co-workers were looking through the house, I picked up these two notebooks, journals, and saw that it looked like whoever was deceased on the floor had been writing a journal and I started reading those journals.