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Guest Contributor for King Lear, Kim Maxwell

This King Lear section of the Great Performances Web Site is being developed, written, and produced by Kim Maxwell (Mr.), independent scholar, San Francisco, California.

Kim received his PhD from Stanford University in English Literature, with a specialty in literature of the English Renaissance. However, prior to his doctoral work, Kim started and managed two data communications companies and a trade association. The first, Racal-Vadic (founded in 1969) dominated the market for dial-up modems for a decade. The second, Amati Communications (founded in 1992) won the international standard for DSL. After Amati, Kim created and worked as first chairman of the DSL Forum. Then he wrote the requisite book (Residential Broadband: The Battle for the Last Mile, published 1998) and retired from the business world. He received his PhD in 2007.

Kim was an original financial contributor to the Globe rebuilding project. He has seen several productions there. He also saw Ian McKellen’s King Lear at Stratford-on-Avon in April of 2007. (See his photo of the Stratford King Lear stage below–the scarlet side panels came crashing down late in the play.)

Kim is being assisted in the project by:

Martin Evans, Stanford University
David Como, Stanford University
Regina Schwartz, Northwestern University
Brett Bourbon, University of Dallas

Kim also thanks Colin Fitzpatrick, his co-producer at WNET.
King Lear at Stratford on Avon



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