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Persons of the Play

King Lear
Goneril His eldest daughter
Regan His middle daughter
Cordelia His youngest daughter

Albany, Duke of Goneril’s husband
Cornwall, Duke of Regan’s husband

Gloucester, Duke of (pronounced “Gloster”)
Edgar His legitimate son
Edmund His bastard son (later called “Gloucester” himself after he usurps his father’s title)

Kent King Lear’s loyal earl

Duke of Burgundy
A candidate for Cordelia’s hand
King of France A candidate for Cordelia’s

The Fool
Oswald Steward to Goneril

Knight In Lear’s train (Gentleman in Act IV)
Curan In Gloucester’s household
First Servant to Cornwall
Second Servant to Cornwall
Third Servant to Cornwall
Old Man Leading Gloucester out to Dover
Messenger Within Goneril’s household
Messenger Within the French army
Captain of English Army
Messenger Within Albany’s company



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