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Crushin’ It | Brad Paisley at WVU


Brad Paisley performs “Crushin’ It” at West Virginia University and explains why Mountaineer Field is his favorite West Virginia landmark. Landmarks Live In Concert continues with Brad Paisley Friday, January 27 at 9PM on PBS. The best-selling country artist returns home to perform before a crowd of 35,000 at West Virginia University. The series is hosted by Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.



BRAD PAISLEY: Somebody said what's your favorite landmark?

Like, what's your favorite landmark, what's your favorite natural landmark in West Virginia... it's like the stadium.

Mountaineer Field.

Here's a stat that will blow your mind.

On a Saturday afternoon, with the stadium full, that is the biggest city in the state.

There's nothing bigger than 70,000 people.

CHAD SMITH: That's great. That's why it's a landmark!

BRAD PAISLEY: Yeah, of course.

CHAD SMITH: Brad, tell me a little bit about how this West Virginia show is different than some of the other ones that you've done in the past?

BRAD: Let's see. Taking you all the way back.

I started going to West Virginia football games as a five-year-old. My father had season tickets and the first one he ever took me to was at the old stadium, which was a hole in the ground. And then pretty soon they got this new stadium and I went to most home games growing up and loved it. Loved going with him, loved the whole ritual of it.

The fun thing about going to a school like West Virginia where I probably would have gone if I hadn't been a musician... Otherwise the route would have been a state school, like that, where you get an in-state tuition rate and I'd have been I don't know... something else. CHAD SMITH: Who knows.

BRAD PAISLEY: I know I would have gone there.

But I didn't. But it doesn't stop my dad from sticking this WV on every tour bus I have... on every car we own... CHAD SMITH: I love it.

BRAD PAISLEY: You think I'm kidding...I'm not kidding.

If it doesn't have a WV on will.

So my father's not abnormal that way though.

That's West Virginia. Like when you wear this, you're not saying this is my team, you're saying this is my state.

Your identity is so closely tied, it's sort of our new - the new tribes we belong to.

BRAD PAISLEY (singing): Every week has a weekend... This time Friday night...I'll be done with my third can of cold Bud Light And I'll be crushin' it Yeah, I'll be crushin' it C'mon!


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