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American Saturday Night | Brad Paisley at WVU


Brad Paisley performs “American Saturday Night” at WVU’s Mountaineer Field. Landmarks Live In Concert continues with Brad Paisley Friday, January 27 at 9PM on PBS. The best-selling country artist returns home to perform before a crowd of 35,000 at West Virginia University. The series is hosted by Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.



BRAD PAISLEY (SINGING): She's got Brazilian leather boots on the pedal of her German car Listening to the Beatles singin' 'Back in the U-S-S-R' Yeah she's goin' around the world tonight But she ain't leavin' here She's just going to meet her boyfriend down at the street fair.

And it's a French kiss, Italian ice margaritas in the moonlight Just another American Saturday night BRAD PAISLEY: Welcome to the weekend, y'all!

BRAD PAISLEY (SINGING): There's a big toga party tonight down at Delta Chi They've got Canadian bacon on their pizza pie They've got a cooler full of cold Coronas and Amstel Light It's like were all livin' in a big ol' cup Just fire up the blender, mix it all up It's a French kiss, Italian ice Margaritas in the moonlight Just another American Saturday night You know everywhere there's something they're known for Usually it washes up on our shores My great great great granddaddy stepped off of that ship I bet he never ever dreamed I'd do anything like this!

BRAD PAISLEY: We...we're so know, you're proud of where you're from no matter where you're from.

It's an interesting sort of custom, isn't it?

That you're just proud of where you're from gave birth to you.

CHAD SMITH: No other reason than that!


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