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Is Thy News Good or Bad?


The Nurse (Deborah Findlay) confers with Romeo (Josh O’Connor) and then tells Juliet (Jessie Buckley) the joyous news that she will be married.


- Pray you, sir, a word.

My young lady bid me inquire you out.

What she bid me say I will keep to myself, but first let me tell ye, if ye should lead her into a fool's paradise, as they say, it were a very gross kind of behavior.

- Nurse, commend me to thy lady and mistress.

I protest unto thee.

- Oh good heart, and in faith, I will tell her as much.

Lord, Lord, she will be a joyful woman.

- What will thou tell her, Nurse?

Thou dost not mark me.

- I will tell her, sir, that you do protest, which, as I take it, is a gentleman-like offer.

- Bid her devise some means to come to shrift this afternoon.

And there she shall, at Friar Laurence' cell, be shrived and married.

(Nurse laughs) - This afternoon, sir?

Well, she shall be there. (laughs) - Farewell.

Commend me to thy mistress.

- Oh now, God in heaven bless thee.

Hark you, sir.

- Commend me to thy lady.

- Yet a thousand times.

Peta? - Anon.

- My fan, Peta.

(dramatic music) (light knocking) - O honey nurse, what news?

Hast thou met with him?

(door slams) Now, good sweet nurse.

O Lord, why lookest thou sad?

- I'm a-weary, give me leave awhile.

- Nay, come, I pray thee, speak.

Good, good nurse, speak.

- Jesu, what haste?

Can you not stay awhile?

Do you not see I'm out of breath?

- How art thou out of breath, when thou hast breath to say to me thou art out of breath?

Is thy news good, or bad?

Answer to that.

- Well, you have made a simple choice.

You know not how to choose a man.


Pfft, no, not he.

- What says he of our marriage?

What of that?

- O Lord, how my head aches. What a head have I.

Beshrew your heart for sending me about to catch my death with jaunting up and down.

- Come, what says Romeo?

- Have you got leave to go to shrift today?

- I have.

- Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence' cell.

There stays a husband to make you a wife.



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