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Program Three: Brain Matters: Video: Full Episode

Peer into Alan Alda's head as we uncover where our most human abilities reside. Watch the full episode now.

Jan 19th, 2010

Video Excerpt: Social Networks and the Spark

Alan Alda finds out how human social networks compare to those of chimps and watches babies pick cooperative puppets over those that won't play.

Jan 17th, 2010

Video Excerpt: Kermit Loves a Bucket

Cognitive psychologist Elizabeth Spelke tests the representational thinking skills of children by asking them to relate a map to the real world.

Jan 16th, 2010

Full Episode

Program One: Becoming Us: Video: Full Episode

Alan Alda confronts the puzzle of why our ancestors got the Spark and evolved into us, while the first humans to leave Africa for Europe--the Neanderthals--never did.

Jan 7th, 2010

Program Two: So Human, So Chimp: Video Excerpt: Monkey Business

Alan Alda visits Yale University’s Laurie Santos at a small Caribbean island where she is studying rhesus monkeys’ ability to steal grapes…and read minds.

Jan 3rd, 2010

Program Two: So Human, So Chimp: Video Excerpt: Chimps vs. Children

Alan Alda finds out how children will help—and like it, while chimps are less inclined to offer enthusiastic assistance.

Dec 30th, 2009

Program One: Becoming Us: Video Excerpt: Wearing Grandma’s Teeth

Alan Alda vists the rock shelter of Abri Castanet in Southwest France where he is shocked to learn about some of our ancestors’ early behaviors.

Dec 28th, 2009

Program One: Becoming Us: Video Excerpt: Stone-Age Throwing Spears

Alan Alda joins John Shea for a lesson on Primitive Technology. Alan makes hand axes like a Neanderthal, but throws a pretty mean spear at an unsuspecting doe.

Dec 24th, 2009

Program Three: Brain Matters: Description

Alan gets a highly detailed scan of his brain. This image is the starting point for a search within his brain – as well as the brains of others – for the essential components of the Human Spark.

Jun 1st, 2008

Program Two: So Human, So Chimp: Description

Alan Alda sets out to explore the difference between chimpanzees and ourselves, and quickly finds that the scientists studying chimps and other non-human primates are themselves separated into opposing worldviews.

Jun 1st, 2008

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