America Combats Soviet Propaganda About Racism & Segregation

The United States Information Agency (USIA) uses Voice of America radio to combat Soviet propaganda in films and news media about America’s struggles with racial discrimination and segregation.

AIRED: 3/27/2018 | 00:02:34
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Throughout the world there is widespread misunderstanding of the United States.

The communists are quick to take advantage of this in the lies they are spreading about us.

This is the job of the United States Information Agency.

In many areas of the world, the people are not yet committed in the struggle between freedom and slavery.

These regions are crucial For if these people are lost strategic areas and irreplaceable resources go with them USIA incorporates Voice of America radio, a radio station broadcasting on the short wave in multiple languages, providing news for international audiences.

One aspect of American culture that U.S. diplomats preferred not to show the rest of the world, was segregation.

But the issue of American racial discrimination was taken up by the Soviets and trumpeted enthusiastically around the globe.

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child/ Sometimes I feel like a motherless child/ Sometimes I feel like a motherless child/ A long ways from home.

The Soviet international media did not let the issue drop, day after day they were drawing attention to the lynchings, the unfair convictions, racial deprivation.

They made sure that audiences around the world knew about this and there was enough truth in their reports for this to be a profound challenge to America''s international credibility.