January 1st, 2009
Introduction: Analyzing the Evidence

While creating LOOKING FOR LINCOLN, historians and researchers examined photographs, paintings, historical documents and letters. This evidence of the past—left behind by those who lived it—can be an extremely valuable tool for understanding the life and times of Abraham Lincoln.

Below is a gallery of photographs, paintings, letters and historical documents that are important in helping us to better understand Abraham Lincoln. To uncover more about these items, select one from the gallery below to begin. Note: The questions and documents increase in difficulty as you proceed from Piece 1 to Piece 5.


Piece 1. Letter to Grace Bedell

Piece 2. Images of Abraham, Tad and Mary Lincoln

Piece 3. Abraham Lincoln Autobiography / Letter to Jesse Fell

Piece 4. Abraham Lincoln Deathbed Images

Piece 5. Gettysburg Address
State Farm

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