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January 7th, 2009
The Online Episode
Teh Internets

Warning: The following video contains mature content. Or immature content, depending on how you look at it. But it is not for kids.

What are “Teh Internets”? Urban Dictionary offers a quick explanation (Click here to go to Urban Dictionary’s definition. WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE) while you can find a more thorough explanation of the term on Wikipedia’s “Internets” page.

“Teh Internets” is a half hour long program that seeks to academically understand the popularity of different content online, identifying common themes such as absurdist humor, cuteness, and a dada-esque ability to recontextualize traditional media for comedy’s sake. The conversation seeks to build upon the first six episodes of Make ‘Em Laugh series by identifying Internet humor as the next step in the rich history of comedy. We hope to show that our current comedic trends online are still just standing on the shoulders of giants — the comedic greats of the last century.

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