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December 2nd, 2008
Best of the Best
Dick Cavett's Comedian Hero

Dick Cavett: I had written to him.  And he asked me to come out.  When the door opened, there was someone and it wasn’t quite Stan Laurel.  And then I noticed one ear.  And then it became Stan Laurel as I went back to the face.  And he had– I never knew if the speech impediment was his character’s speech or his own.  But he had what I think is called a bilateral sibilance.  So that it came, “Well, that– it certainly is nice to meet you.”  And then spent two enchanted hours with Stan Laurel. Talked about how he hated seeing the movies on the local channels during the day and during the morning and– and he said– ’cause they cut them up so badly and so stupidly and they kill jokes.  And the station that was running them– he offered to– go in and cut them for them and reedit them so they’d be funnier.  He said, “But they never bothered to answer my letters, so I never did– ”  Some 15 something employee probably thought– “There’s some old fart wants to come in and edit his movies or– “

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