January 12th, 2009
My Comedian Hero
Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters: When I first met him, they chose me to do the baby of all things, as Merth, on Mork and Mindy.  I had only seen Robin a couple of times and thougt he he was funny.  And now I’m his dad’s age.  So he said, “Pops, God” he said, “I love your stuff, I love ya.  And we’re gonna have a good time.”  And, and we did, he said he started talking to people after the show about being interviewed and what’s it like to work with Jonathan Winters, and he said time and again, “Jonathan is my mentor.”  And I turned to him and I said one day, “Don’t say mentor anymore I tell you why, in Ohio they think that’s a salve.  Say idol, we all know that.  See mentor’s a little cutie stuff.”

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