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January 12th, 2009
My Comedian Hero
Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis: When I was kid, I mean when a new Jerry Lewis, when it was on TV, or when it opened up and I was eight or nine I had my parents had to take me to the matinee. I could not miss it. I mean it was like this was something that was too good to be true. You know I sort of felt like he made you feel like it was okay to be silly and dopey, but he did it on a consistent level basis, even when he did his solo stuff, and an amazing performer, you know not to mention what he did with charity obviously. I mean this guy, you know, and I understand how you know I mean I don’t totally get it, you look at other comedians to talk about why just as a comedian why, you know in Paris he’s regarded as a Chaplin in here, you know he’s looked down upon. Why because he didn’t talk politics like Mort or he didn’t break through like Lenny Bruce, or didn’t’ have the didn’t do the kind of stuff that Pryor did, why, it’s he’s different. He’s just as different as as I am as as the Kaufman, and Billy, Robin, Larry, all of us, you know I mean, and he’s you know one of the great film director’s ever for for I mean he’s you can’t get bigger than Jerry Lewis worldwide, we’re not just talking about you know how the special do in the states, you know he’s always everywhere. You know I mean the guy the guy doesn’t get enough credit he never will. He never will. They should give this guy one big gigantic award at the Oscars.

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