February 9th, 2009
Anne Beatts on Gilda Radner

Anne Beatts: You know the wonderful thing about Gilda Radner was that she was not a person who disappointed.  You know there are some famous people, and I’ve met them, who you might think are great and then you meet them and you discover that they not only have feet but heads of clay.  And Gilda was the same with everyone.  So, if you did accost Gilda — and she was always very gracious – you would, you would get Gilda.  You know.  She just had this amazing persona and I think she really was akin to say Lucy, and to some degree Judy Garland, because she had this desire to be loved.  And people really responded to that.  I mean she was like, “Love me love me love me love me.”  And that came across.  And you know, she was, she was naturally funny.  And she would do anything, I mean, she would bang into the wall.  And did.  And she said that her comedy – she once said that, you know she thought that comedy originated for her with, which, when you’re little and you fall down on the ice?  And people might laugh at you so you try and make it seem like you fell on purpose?  [Laughs.]  And that was kind of, like, part of the root of her comedy.

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