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February 10th, 2009
Bernie Brillstein on John Belushi

Bernie Brillstein: He wanted to be a rock ‘n roller, he loved rock ‘n roll, he loved the blues, but he really wanted to be a rock ‘n roll singer, is really what he wanted.  And he represented the rock n’ roll era, I mean he really did in a strange way more than the comedy era.  He represents those seventies, you know?  And he was a great comedian.  His timing, his eye, his looks, and I tried to make him a real star in Continental Divide, and I loved it.  A lot of people didn’t show up, but I thought he was Spencer Tracy, I swear I did.  And he could have been.  I don’t know what he would be doing today, but he was fantastic.  You come across these guys very rarely, but he had that stuff, you know, sometimes, it’s like a sparkler.  On July fourth, they go out.  Some of these guys give off vibes when you walk down the street, and everyone knows they’re there.  A lot of stars can walk into places, no one knows they’re there.  And other stars can walk into places, no one know they’re there.  And it’s great, I’d rather be the second guy, but John, everyone knew was around.  Not by anything he did, he just walked like Belushi, acted like Belushi, and dressed like Belushi.  And he was Belushi, and everyone knew it, you know?  He was just bigger than life.  And that’s, you know, that’s his fault, but he was – spectacular.

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